How much money to put in a Currency Envelope?

When I was growing up and my Grandparents gave me gifts around my Birthday or Holidays it became common for them to just give me a Currency Envelope with money in it. It started with a dollar when I was younger and grew to $10 by the time I was in my teens. This was in the 70's. Nowadays, I think the dollar amount is what you feel comfortable with. The rule of thumb, I tell people to use is what would you spend on a gift is what you should put in the Currency Envelope . If that is $5 for a young child that is fine. Remember, that part of what you are doing is teaching that child the value of money and the choices we all make. Some look at it as a lazy way to give a child a gift. I look at Money Envelopes as an opportunity to teach a skill that all of us need to make choices in how we spend our money.

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Written by Buzz Tatom