FSC Certified Printer

If you have heard of the term FSC Certified Printing company you may have wondered what FSC stands for. FSC is short for Forest Stewardship Council. The Forest Stewardship Council is a international non profit organization dedicated to responsible management of sustainable forests.

By a printer having FSC certification he gives his customer chain of custody validation that each step of their products manufacturing process follows the stringent FSC policies for responsible forest management. This includes the harvesting of the trees to manufacture of the paper to printing of the product.

A FSC Certified Printer has been trained and is audited by an independent 3rd party annually. By having this certification the end customer can proudly display the FSC logo on their printed piece showing that they are supporting sound forest management.

What is sound forest management?
-Not clear cutting but using selective cutting practices.
-Taking into account the wildlife, the forest and any indigenous people living in the forest. -Supporting reforestation of forests that have been harvested and the use of eco friendly chemicals in the manufacturing of the paper product.
-Leaving a forest that is capable of regenerating itself after harvesting.

We got into this through our partnership with Venture West Ranches who is a Montana farm and ranch real estate brokerage. They market Montana Hunting Ranches for Sale and we got to know these guys and enjoy their stewardship of forests up in Montana.

For more information on FSC, visit www.fscus.org . Should you have any questions regarding printing green please feel free to contact The Odee Company at sales@odeecompany.com

Recommended sites that are protecting our wildlife and forest:
- Venture West Ranches (www.venturewestranches.com): People at VWR believe that land holds a mystical, spiritual place in our souls. We would dare to say that Montana Ranches will hold even more value considering the water, wildlife, crop and the name Montana. Visit Venture West Ranches's Blog to see why VWR understand hunting land at Montana!

Written by Buzz Tatom
Bindery for printing in Dallas