Printing Green and A Few Facts

Many times customers have opinions that are based on old facts. Being a Green Printer many times customers are concerned about using recycled paper. They think it is more expensive and not as high of quality. Many times printing companies that aren't as current will discourage their customers and are doing their customers and the environment a disservice.

Recycled paper and paper manufacturers started off struggling with recycled paper quality and cost but that was quite a few years ago. As demand increased, costs came down and quality improved. At this point, recycled paper gives you many quality options. Many times the quality will exceed virgin fiber paper and runs fine on both offset and digital printing. Paper manufacturing has also reduced or eliminated in some cases their use of chlorine which is very bad for the environment. As industries, printing and paper manufacturing are very heavy users of electricity and production of greenhouse gases.

Printing is the 3rd largest user of energy behind automobiles and steel. Paper manufacturing is 5th. Most conscious companies in both industries are making great strides from reducing energy use to conservation. Green printing companies can now be carbon neutral and can use recycled post consumer waste paper (PCW) and renewable energy to greatly reduce their environmental impact. For every ton of 100% PCW paper used by green printers 20,000 gallons of water is conserved. Recycling paper is not hard to do and saves considerable trees and water.

We got into the green printing arena by being introduced to a beautiful Venture West Ranches and wanting to do our part to insure such beautiful places continue to exist.

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company