Top Ten Green Printing Practices

Green printing
or eco-friendly printing is something that all print producers should consider being a part of their daily job. Here are some of the top green printing practices.

1.Recycle, Recycle, Recycle-Paper, ink and press solutions that are not used in the final product should be recycled as part of the daily process.
2.Vegetable Based Inks-Inks have historically been petroleum based which emit VOC's and harm the environment. Inks can be vegetable based thus not emitting VOC's. This also includes considering using less metallic inks or a substitute metallic without the heavy metals associated.
3.Press Solutions-These should be alcohol free.
4.Paper-Use recycled or PCW(post consumer waste) paper. There are certifications such as FSC or SFI that support sustainable forestry practices.
5.Consider Alternative Substrates-Not all paper is made from pulp from trees. Papers can be made from Cotton, Hemp and other more renewable plant sources or fibers.
6.Conservation-Reduction of energy used to produce the product. For instance, replacing lighting to higher efficiency low wattage or LED lighting.
7.Renewable Energy-Use of wind, solar, thermal sources from the utility supplier.
8.Energy Efficient Equipment-Replacing equipment that consumes more electricity.
9.Inventory Control-Reduction of waste to landfill on paper, ink, etc.
10.Digital Printing-Instituting smaller quantity orders so obsolescence and waste are reduced.

These are our top 10 ways we at The Odee Company are improving our footprint on the environment.

Top Ten Green Practices
Written by Buzz Tatom

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