What is a Sustainable Forest?

As a carbon free green printing company located in Dallas, Tx, I get some questions sometimes that I start to answer and then realize that I need to do some more research to get a technical definition. This was the question that was posed to me today from a potential client and although I thought I knew the answer I decided to research and report back.

The principle of a sustainable forest is that the amount of product(wood)yielded from the forest should be at a level that the forest is capable of replacing without degradation of soil, watershed or seed source for the future.

Sustainable forestry includes clean water, natural cover for wildlife and recreation where seed trees are left for natural regeneration. The system is not only about the trees but the whole natural plant process of the forest.

Sustainable forestry
usually applies to human interaction with the forest and harvesting of the wood product. It also can apply to fire management and/or fire suppression. Both can be useful tools in improving forestry yield if done right.

A sustainable forest harvest should employ selective cutting and try and mimic natural occurrences or disturbances that would occur in nature without human intervention. Clear cutting is not a practice that a sustainable forest would use. It is damaging to the land and the surrounding eco system.

There are a few organizations that offer auditing processes to verify that the harvest is using best practice of sustainable forestry. FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) and SFI(Sustainable Forestry Initiative) are two such organizations that can give Chain of Custody guarantee that the paper product being used has passed from a sustainable forest to a certified paper manufacturer and been printed at a certified printing company.

We got into the sustainable forest through our partnership with Venture West Ranches. They are a Montana Farm & Ranch Real Estate Brokerage and they market Venture West Ranches. We love being involved with them.

Most of the content of this article was pulled from Wikipedia and can be found at this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sustainable_forestry

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Written by Buzz Tatom