On Demand Printing

The term on demand printing is used to describe printing brought into the JIT(just in time) world of inventory reduction and management. On demand means just that when there is demand you produce it and ship it to meet that current demand. The term in printing really took hold with the onset of the Xerox Docutech and digital printing. It has grown to encompass both color digital print and black and white digital print. Many times, it is incorporated with a Print Procurement Systemto enable internet ordering and tracking.

This enables the production of very small quantities to meet immediate demand. The rise of on demand printing enables customers to cut down on obsolescence through changing information on literature and marketing materials. The normal order is produced and shipped within hours or days. Some printed products lend themselves to this form of printing and others don't. It enables customization of literature to meet local or regional needs and can encompass variable data printing. This digital part of the printing industry is the fastest growing segment due to its ability to react to short lead times and possible cost savings.

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company