What is a Half Size Press?

Printers talk in weird terms sometimes. The term half size press represents a press that will feed a 20" x 28" sheet or smaller. It is called half size because a full size press feeds 28"x40" sheet.

Half size presses have increased in popularity as quantities have decreased that final customers are ordering. It takes one person to run versus two on a full size press. You have less makeready waste and plates are less expensive. This gives half size presses an advantage in doing short run brochures, flyers and other printed materials.

Of course, the press manufacturers then came up with small format presses(14"x20") to compete with the half size presses. Digital presses also compete with both the small format and the half size. In the printing business every press fills a niche. Make sure the printer you are using has the right press to fit the right quantity. Many printers have multiple size presses to fit a wide range of quantity needs.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company