Job Requirements of Digital Printing

What are the requirements of printing a digital print job. First, of course, would be a digital file from a graphics program that can be ripped by a graphics workflow. It should also be a job that makes sense in being printed digitally.

The strength of digital printing would be small quantity(less than 1000-1500 press sheets) and a quick turnaround. That being said if you are printing a variable data piece where text or pictures change on each press sheet digital printing is the only way to go.

The job requirements digital printing best file solution is to give both your native file as well as a hi-res PDF. The reson for this is that if the PDF does not rip there is nothing else we can do to help you. If we have the native file sometimes we can decipher what the problem is. The document size should be the finished size of the piece and then if you have a bleed pull the color out 1/16" in the direction of the bleed. Include all fonts being used giving us bitmap and screen fonts.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company