A foam hand, also known as a foam finger, is a sports paraphernalia item worn on the hand to show support for a particular team. The most common version resembles an oversized hand with an extended index finger. Usually the surface displays a silk-screened team name, logo, or other graphic or slogan, such as "We Are #1." Foam hands are made of open-celled foam; slits in their bases allow them to be worn.

Common shape variations

  • Instead of a human hand, the foam finger is in the shape of a talon, hoof, paw, or other hand-analog to resemble that of the team mascot.
  • The index finger, thumb, and pinky are extended in the American Sign Language sign for love. Often this version is captioned, "Gotta Love Those [team name]."
  • The index finger and pinky are extended to represent gestures such as University of South Florida's "Go Bulls" or University of Texas' "Hook 'em Horns."
  • The middle finger is extended in the obscene hand gesture the finger.
  • The index, middle, and pinky fingers are extended in the shocker position

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