Digital Printing Dallas

So you need something printed quickly and you don't have time to ship overnight. Digital printing is made for print on demand type situations. You aren't going to be able to react quickly enough with offset printing. I'll use Dallas as an example since that is our location.

heidelberg digital printing nexpress 2100


There are numerous types of digital printing. Wide format, black and white, color laser and digital presses. All have different levels of quality and speed and are made for different printed products. The best way is to know what you want in your Dallas digital printer in the way of product that you need. That will help them determine whether they can help you or not. Tell them in what program the file you made is and what kind of file you will supply them. If it is same day service a digital printer in Dallas or anywhere else may have a limit to the kind of paper they might have to run the job that day.

How do you want the piece finished? You will have limited access to different binding options in same day service. Explain your turn time situation upfront. Digital Printers are use to rush jobs and an honest one will tell you whether he can do it from the very start.

Some jobs will be better done on offset printing if you have time.

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company