Currency Envelopes Shipped Nationwide

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The Odee Company ships nationwide our line of Holiday Currency Envelopes.
They come in quality paper of green, red, ivory or white. The currency envelopes are printed and foil stamped and come with an inner decorated envelope and a plain outer envelope that can be imprinted with your organizations name or logo. Free samples are sent and recommended due to the online pictures not doing justice to the actual product. It is suggested to order your Holiday Currency Envelopes early in the season and pick at least 2 designs to insure availability. These are also known as Money gift envelopes and Money holders to name a few product names.
Ordered in 100's and boxes of 250's we serve both small financial institutions as well as large multiple nationwide branch locations with the availability of split shipping or drop shipping 1000's to your multiple locations out of our Dallas facility. Our national 800# is 1-800-486-6333.

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