Banks and Credit Union Giveaways

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Banks, Savings & Loans or Credit Unions are always trying to attract new customers and new deposits.
Giveaways can include Currency Envelopes or promotional products. The items can be imprinted with the name of the institution and can be very inexpensive such as the Currency Envelopes or Money Holders or can be an item that will be used as a lasting reminder of the institution and the financial services they offer. Many smaller institutions like to give Currency Envelopes around the holidays but many will have them available year around for Birthdays or other special occasions. Gift envelopes are a type of Promotional Product of which there are literally tens of thousands of products to choose from. There are database searches available for customers to put in their budgets, themes, quantities and other factors to help them narrow down promotional products that they would be interested in. Here is such a promotional product database.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company, Dallas, Texas