Promotional products are still one of the most beneficial and cost effective ways to market your business. However, most companies do not use promotional products to their full potential. Promotional products market services, promote new products and events, provide employee incentives, and improve employee safety and compliance.

Businesses waste millions of dollars a year on T.V or radio advertising that reach less than half of viewers during a specific time slot. Advertisers have no guarantee that any of those viewers will be potential customers. But, businesses can send a useful industry related
promotional product to customers for under $10. Exposure is one of the key elements of effective adverting; When you realize that the potential customer might look at that pen , watch , etc. imprinted with your logo 20 to 30 times a day, or a printed baseball hat may be worn every weekend for years exposing your company to the wearer, as well as every other person she sees while wearing it. Now that's cost-effective!

Here are some survey statistics that Conselor magazine calculated for major corporations such as AT&T and FedEX. They asked these marketing professionals about the value of promotional products, and how, when and why they use them. You might be surprised by how important promotional products are for marketing and employee relations. It is particularly significant to note that it was almost unanimous among those companies surveyed that using a reliable advertising agency or promotional product distributor who offers creative product suggestions and solutions was an essential requirement for effective marketing with promotional products.

•55% of corporate buyers purchase promotional products at least 5 times per year
•95% said promotional products improve their company's image with customers and the community
•83% conclude promotional products have increased their sales
•94% agree that promotional products increased the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns
•84.2% purchase promotional products and logoed merchandise to launch new products or promotions
•57.9% use promotional products to improve employee relations
•90% of buyers said they purchase promotional products through an Advertising Agency or promotional products distributor
•When asked what top 3 qualities they look for in a promotional product distributor, buys ranked Reliability, Creativity and On-time Delivery
The statistics don’t lie. Let the Odee Company help boost your company’s sales and exposure today!
Written by:

Whitney Patterson
Promotional Products Catalog