What is the most popular promotional product?

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With over 850,000 different products to choose from, finding the right promotion can seem like a daunting task. So many of our clients start out by asking, “What is the most popular promotional product?” The short answer is pens. Pens are still an industry staple because they are cost effective and something that people use everyday. And there are so many different types of pens, from high-end Waterford pens, all the way down to basic stick pens. Yes, pens are the most popular promotional item.

However, we can take this one step further. The most popular items to use as promotional product are anything that can be found on one’s desk. A clients, or potential clients desktop is the most valuable real estate there is. So calculators, staplers, desk pad calendars, rulers, sticky notes, pens and pencils are the best items to look for. These are things that people will use everyday, or at least look at everyday. That is the kind of visibility you want in your promotion.

Written by:
Jennifer Fitzgerald
The Odee Company, Dallas, Texas