Commercial Printing Tips-Gradient Screens

A gradation in printing jobs is taking a certain area and taking screen percentages from one % to another creating a blend of that color. Let's say you were printing a brochure or postcard and you wanted to blend one color into another. Will say we are blending an area of black to what approaches a gray. You would start with say 100% of the black and then over the distance of the area choose the % you are going to gradate to.

Let's say we go from 100% to 30% to create a look that makes it look like the print job goes from a black to a gray. This can be done in more than one color. You can print a full color brochure and do a gradation of CMYK. You would pick your color and your screen % you are going from and to and then convert to CMYK. Be careful not to pick to small of an area to do your gradation over. If you do you will create banding where you have hard lines that show in going from one % to another. In otherwords, you can't go from 100% to 0% within an inch. It is mathematically impossible to do. Gradations are very good at creating a softening effect or blend on a printed piece.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company