Commercial Printing Tips-Reverse Type

Graphics software has made it so easy to do things that were once very difficult to do in commercial printing. This has enabled designers and creators to have creative special effects on their print pieces.

Let's discuss one special effect you can create using typefaces. As an example, we will say we are doing a brochure and we want our masthead to be big and beautiful but we need to have our type in the masthead stand out. We can create that by reversing the type out of the background color. This makes the type white or whatever color the paper is. You can also screen your reversed area to display a % of the background color. In our brochure, this can give you color and set your type off to give you added impact in your print job. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when reversing type. First try not to go to small in type size. I would go no lower than 6-8 pt on reversed out type. If you do go that low and are using a serif face you run the danger of the type closing up or filling in on you. The other is if you are using reversed type inside of a big solid you can run the danger of trying to balance putting enough ink to make the solid ink area look good but not filling in your reversed area due to the ink spreading. This can happen more on an uncoated sheet than coated.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company

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