Dallas Commercial Printing Market

The Dallas commercial printing market is one of the largest print markets in the United States. The most current information available is 2004 from the State Comptroller's office and depending on the SIC codes there are between 800-900 Dallas commercial printers. This list does not include print brokers or national printing companies. This list includes both Dallas offset printing and Dallas digital printing companies

The Dallas-Ft Worth commercial printingmarket is the largest in the state of Texas. The 2004 sales number was in excess of $1.2 billion which represented a 7% increase from 2003. Just for reference, Austin's print market was $184 million with a 7% decline and Houston's print market was $578 million with a 2% increase from 2003. The USPS postal reform looms very large in the future prospects of all print markets. These above numbers include digital printers and commercial offset printers.

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Sources: PIA MidAmerica

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company