With the speed at which the business world is moving, we all have print project deadlines that have to be met. With the equipment and technology available by commercial printers today, quick turn times are very possible and in fact they happen on a daily basis.

I see hundreds of print jobs every month and the vast majority has a critical deadline, some of which are extremely quick turn times. A large percentage of these jobs go through our shop without issue and deliver on time, but there are those jobs that donít. In observing issues that slow down production, I have come to realize that there are many things that can and should be done before the printer receives the files. Most of these issues are things that could easily be prevented.

There have been vast improvements in the way that Adobe PDF files work. In fact, if Adobe PDF files are created correctly, some printers actually prefer that format. Most applications will write Adobe PDF files but there are certain settings or preferences that work best for different printers. I would recommend contacting your commercial printer for a list of those settings. If Adobe PDF files are created correctly they eliminate a lot of issues that native files present such as font issues, linked files and many others.

Bottom line is the more up front communication between the designer and commercial printer there is the better chance of success you have to make your critical deadline. Many of the articles on printpromotionguide.com are related to these issues and we are always looking for more. I want to encourage anyone who feels that they have information related to the printing industry they would like to share to contact us.

Written by Jay Atkinson
The Odee Company