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Drive traffic to your tradeshow booth by handing out promotional products. Depending on the demographics of your audience and budget, The Odee Company will help you pick out the best possible item to hand out.

Some of the most popular tradeshow giveaways are tote bags, pens, stress balls, bottled water, logo candy, anti-bacterial hand gel, badge holders, key chains, lanyards, and koozies.

The goal of tradeshows is to talk to potential customers. That means you have to attract them to your booth. You have to get them to stop and here about your products. Do you realize that most prospects walking down the aisle are looking at a way to eliminate a booth. The average attendee will only stop for 10-20% of the booths in a show. If you have a useful promotional product that they see your booth attendees getting, your at least going to have the opportunity to talk with them. From there it is a numbers game on how many good potential customers you find. Tradeshow giveaways give you a chance. Drive traffic to your tradeshow booth. That is the key to a successful tradeshow.

Written by:
Joyce Fletcher
Director of Promotions
The Odee Company, Dallas, Texas