Many ad campaigns use door hangers as effective tools for creating awareness through direct marketing.

While both cost efficient and effective, door hangers reach the target market directly. Although some think of them as a nuisance, they are effective marketing tools. They can be produced in large or small quantities and can range in size and number of colors to fit most marketing needs and budgets. Most door hangers are distributed by fast food chains or lawn services, but can also be very effective marketing tools for Real Estate Companies, Mortgage Company’s, Banks, Churches, Resale Shops, etc.

Anyone trying to generate awareness within a given geographical area can benefit from these low cost printed pieces. The Dallas area for instance can be segmented into a variety of sub sectors and income levels to meet your target market. They can be custom printed to fit almost any budget. Coupons can be an integral part of the doorhanger success. You need a call to action for the customer to act. For instance mortgage doorhangers can give a coupon off closing costs or entry to a drawing to reduce their interest rate.

The point of doorhangers is to put this in the hands of consumers at the time that may be considering the use of that product. Taking the mortgage doorhanger as an example again the low interest rates that are present now have many considering either refinancing or purchasing a home. Put this doorhanger in their hands while they are considering a new mortgage and you have a powerful tool to help you have the opportunity to land customers. Doorhangers can be produced digitally in small quantities on up to large quantities being printed offset. Once the diecutting die is made it is a very inexpensive, fast and effective marketing tool for your business.

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Article written by:
Jay Atkinson
The Odee Company