Full Color Commercial Printing

What does the term full color commercial printing mean?
Full color printing usually means printing in the primary colors of CMYK. That being cyan(c), magenta(m), yellow(y) and black(k). These four colors print the vast spectrum of colors that it takes to represent photographs. Cyan is a light blue, magenta is a rosy red and then yellow and black are self explanatory.

Digital Color Printer

By using different screen percentages of these four colors, commercial printers can print color photographs. You can actually see these dots if you look at a printed piece with some form of magnification. A commercial printer is a printing company that uses either digital presses or offset presses to print commercial work. Presses come in different unit configurations. Each unit represents a color. A four color press then has the ability to print a job in one pass on one side unless it is a perfecting press which can actually print on both sides of the sheet in one pass.

You would need an 8 unit perfecting press to print CMYK on both sides of the sheet in one pass. If you have a 2-color press you have to print two of the 4 primary colors and then run the same side through the press again registering to the first 2 colors. Full Color Commercial Printing is also done by digital printing. Full color commercial printing only represents that you are doing CMYK printing so you can provide reproduction of color photographs.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company