Some wonder why it is necessary to order products through an Ad Specialty Distributor. The simplest answer is convenience. There are over 850,000 different promotional products, and more than 8,000 manufacturers. If you are working with a Distributor then you can have all of these resources available through one company. That means that you can call once person and get the giveaways for the tradeshow coming up, update your company's apparel, and order the anniversary gifts for the next quarterly meeting all at once.

The main goal of an Ad Specialty Distributor is to make your job easier. Another perk to using a distributor are the researching capabilities. Even if you don't know what product you need for your next promotion you can call a Distributor, give them the reason for the promotion and a budget, and they can come back to you with the best items for your project. It is all about saving you time and money.

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Written by: Jennifer Fitzgerald
The Odee Company