Line Screen in Printing

Line screen represents the number of lines in an inch on screens in either halftones or four color process images. In theory the more lines per inch the more detailed your photos. This is not to be mistaken with dots per inch which is more of a computer resolution term.

Printers can use anywhere from say a 65 LPI screen to produce grainy images like in old newspapers to 300 LPI to try and reproduce as close to a continuous tone photograph. Most printed products are printed within a range of 133 LPI to 200 LPI. Choices can be made due to the paper you are printing on or the effect you are after. On coated paper you will usually print a higher LPI where on uncoated you actually will have a better printed piece if you go on the lower end of the scale. This is due to the type of ink holdout that each sheet presents.

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Written By Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company