What is a Small Format Press?

A Small Format press is a printing press that feeds a 14"x20" press sheet and is made for the short quantity market for printed products such as: Postcards, Brochures, Flyers, etc. A short run for us is defined as more than say 250 press sheets but less than 10,000 press sheets. I say press sheets because you may have multiple up of a postcard that you are doing 20,000 of but you may only have say 5000 press sheets.

The Small Format press popularity grew as order quantities have decreased. Many different press manufacturers manufacture these presses: Heidelberg, Komori, Ryobi and others. This press only takes one operator and makeready waste and materials will cost less than a full size or half size press.

You would not want to do real long runs on Small Format presses. Let's say you are doing 100,000 postcards and you can get 4-up on a small format press versus 16 up on a full size press the per unit price in higher quantities will be less with the full size press.

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