Converting Printed Envelopes

Why do people convert printed envelopes?

There are several reasons. The printing is not limited because of a ready made envelope. Take a bleed for instance. You can't bleed ink to the edge of a preconverted envelope and be consistent with a high level of quality due to grippers and variation in sizes of envelopes. This is why if you want a bleed you must wrap the image around the side an 1/8". This allows for variations from blank to blank on converting due to the cutting die that cuts many sheets (200) at a time. You are going to have movement in the stack.
Another reason is due to large quantities or high level of quality where a sheetfed press fits better in the process versus say a jet press.
Converting after the printed process is also used some when embossing, foil stamping and color register emboss would leave a debossed image on the envelope.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company