Overs and Unders in Printing

Many people don't understand when a printer says he can deliver +/- 10% of the quantity ordered. In other words, if you order 10,000 brochures the printer could deliver as few as 9,000 or as many as 11,000 and charge you accordingly with the order being called complete. Many customers don't understand this or feel it is excessive.

This practice is not as prevalent as it once was in the past. The theory is that printing is a manufacturing process that has standards but on any given day machines perform differently or difficulties either unknown or known can affect waste %'s. Sometimes a printed job goes better than planned and you may end up with more finished product than ordered and vice versa. The printing industry adopted that as a standard many years ago. In truth, we have many customers that are not bothered by overs and unders on their printed products and so we will bill using overs and unders. Then, we also have many customers that say they will not accept overs and unders and we also accept that. We usually will build in more waste %'s at times on no unders depending on the number of processes a job will go through.

If this is a concern to you talk to your printer going into the relationship or job. Most printers will work with you. If your talking to one that won't, go find another one. Communication is the key to a good relationship in life. Be reasonable and treat people with respect and 99 times out of 100 you can work it out to a mutual satisfaction. That works in printing too!

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company