Labels and Stickers

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Printed labels and/or stickers have many choices when it comes to the types of adhesives and backers you can choose from. The adhesives come in permanent, removable, low tack. Permanent adhesive labels are meant to stick and stay there. If you try to pull them up the paper of the label should tear before the adhesive releases.

Removable labels are meant to go down and stick but should be able to be pulled off the area that you have placed it on without the paper ripping or leaving paper from the label on the surface. Low tack is a type of removable label that can be used as static clings or other type of easily removable sticker. All of these types of printed labels can be affected by moisture or weather. If you are using outside or in areas that are affected by moisture or big weather changes make sure and talk to your printer about that.

There are adhesives made for those purposes. Labels can come on sheets or in rolls and can be kisscut or not. Kisscutting allows the printed label to be peeled off more easily. Labels come in uncoated, coated, cast coated, vinyl, and metallic substrates for many uses.

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