Full Color Printing

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When you look at printing search terms on the internet full color commercial printing comes up fairly high on the list. What does full color printing represent to a commercial printer? To a commercial printer, full color printing is printing in CMYK. These are the 4 basic colors that a printer uses to reproduce a color photograph. CMYK represents Cyan(C), Magenta(M), Yellow(Y) and Black(K). Cyan is similar to a bright baby blue and magenta is close to a pinky red. Being a male it is hard to describe colors this way but that is how I would describe them. A colored picture is broken up into dots of these four colors. These dots are arranged to represent as close as it can to a continuos tone picture(photograph) in varying sizes and percentages. This is what full color printing means to a commercial printer.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company, Dallas, Texas