Digital Printing PMS Colors.

Most knowledgeable printing veterans even believe that you can't print PMS colors when printing digitally. Most believe you must convert all PMS colorsto CMYK to print digitally.
On most digital presses or digital machines this is true. Neither the Nexpress or the IGen3 will do spot colors.

There is one machine that actually does spot colors. The HP Indigo family will print PMS colors as true spot colors. The HP3050 in particular comes in up to 7-colors and will produce either hi-fi color or spot colors for true branding or matching of spot colors. While not cheap this is available to match that specific PMS match for demanding clients. This machine is the only non-toner based machine and that gives it the possibility of mixing base colors to match PMS's. Just thought you should know. You can do digital printing PMS Colors.

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company