A chronological production of Pocket Folders.

Some printed products such as pocket folders that have multiple steps of production require more planning when tight deadlines are involved. Let's look at the pocket folder versus say abrochure. Both of these products will initially start in prepress with the files being preflighted, trapped, imposed and proofed. The pocket folderwill however need a dieline that shows the place where the diecutting occurs. The brochure will not need a dieline.

Once both proofs have been approved the pocket folder needs a steel rule die made from the dieline. All things being equal the press part of either product is about the same time.

The postpress part is where things start being really different. The brochure conceivably can be trimmed, folded and done at that point. If the brochure needs to be scored it will require one extra step.

The pocket folder needs to be diecut with the steel rule die from the dieline. Then the diecut pocket folder will need to be scrapped out of the diecut sheet. Nicks will need to be sanded and then the pocket folder will be ready to be glued. Most likely the final fold of the pocket folder will be done by the gluing machine. If the pocket folder has capacity pockets many times the pocket folder will have to be hand glued to keep the integrity of the extra capacity pockets and spine.

Because of these extra steps it is nice to give 2-3 extra days to produce a pocket folder over say a simple brochure.

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company