Online Print Procurement System

Online print production workflows have gained considerable ground in popularity as their versatilities have grown to accomodate more corporate needs. Here are some of the models that are being used for these systems:
-Collateral Management System
-POP/POS Campaign System
-Stationery Management System
-Print on Demand System
-Inventory Management System
-Campaign Launches
-One to One marketing

These systems range from very simple limited systems to enterprise wide systems with full reporting capabilities and inventory tracking. It depends on the needs of the end customer as to which system is the best one for their needs.

For this article we will talk primarily about a corporate enterprise wide system with full blown capabilities in placing orders, tracking and reporting capabilities. As companies have more needs to go global with multiple sites and the most current up to date information in their literature they need a system that multiple locations or agents can access one central system that insures graphics integrity and corporate graphics standards.

Let's take an example. A Dallas company that has mutiple agents all over the country that are trying to tailor literature for their specific location or region. These systems have templates set up with graphic rules that insure the information that the corporation wants to keep static. The template is then set up so other areas of the piece have the ability to be customized per the users needs.

A PDF proof is produced for proofing online right then and once the user approves the proof the ordering, payment and shipping information is filled out. Corporate in Dallas can still have approval rights on these orders based upon a number of parameters. The order can be tracked via the site and reporting from inventory to sales to specific department or agent use can be generated. These systems can be used via any web portal and can be attached to the actual corporate web page or intranet system. This is just one example of use.

Here are a list of some of the uses:
-Direct to Enterprise
-Direct to Purchasing Group
-Direct to Regional Group
-Distributor/VAR Model
-Direct marketing Model
-Agency Model
-Co-Marketing Model
-Independent Agent Model

These systems help reduce printing costs, reduce time to market and reduce the number of steps in the printing process. They also cut down on obsolescence of literature and inventory.

Here is an example of one for Credit Unions to market themselves: The SuperMarket

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company