Sizes of Printing Presses.

Although not totally comprehensive here are the most common sizes of offset presses:

- Small Format size is 14"x20". Common presses in this size are the Heidelberg GTO.

- Half size presses are 20"x28". The Heidelberg in this size would be the Speedmaster74.

- Full size presses are 28"x40". The Heidelberg in this size would be the Speedmaster102.

Other press manufacturers that have the same sizes would be Komori, Mitsubishi, Ryobi.
Why the different sizes? Over the years press sizes have adopted to smaller press runs and less manpower to run the presses.

Low quantities less than 10,000 press sheets is ideal for the small format presses and half size presses and will have lower costs than a 40" press. Full size presses are made for longer runs with multiple ups or larger size pieces such as posters over 20"x28".

The press manufacturers have even tried to adopt to the on demand market with DI(direct imaging) presses that actually image plates on the presses. The downfall of these presses is they can't do variable data pieces where text or pictures change from impression to impression.

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company