Picking a Printing Company.

While it is not as critical as choosing who you are going to marry, choosing a printer does hold similarities. My wife loves the "Bachelor" TV Show so since she loves it, I must also show enthusiasm toward it. It is always interesting to see who is going to crack under pressure. Last night I was trying to write this article and thought of how funny it would be to be picked as a printer this way. What could I say that would keep me in the running.

How does someone make decisions to use a printer. I've seen all types of ways in the 20 years I have been doing this. Most people go about doing it in a logical fashion. Do they trust the person they are talking too? How long has that company been in business? How long has that salesperson been at that present company? If they have been at 4 companies in 10 years you might want to think twice on giving them a rose. There in it for themselves. How knowledgeable are they about printing?

Many salespeople have been selling printing for 10 years and still don't know much. I still learn something every day after 20 years. How well does the companies equipment fit your needs. Is it a good fit? Do they do both offset and digital so your covered on a multitude of quantities. Do you decide on price? Price is a consideration but if you are the "Bachelor" is looks the only factor you consider?

Try meeting the friends approach and ask for some references but also realize they aren't going to give you a bad one. It at least gives you a chance to talk to someone that deals with the company. Samples are always a good idea but any printer can pick good samples just like they are going to be on their best behavior on the first date.

Go visit their plant. That will usually give you a pretty good idea of fit. Kind of like meeting the family you get to see the whole clan. Remember, those are the people that will be producing your job. Most of all, how do you feel about your contact can you depend on them to watch your project all the way through? Can they catch up on that late running project and see problems before they happen?

I would always choose a family business. They have an invested interest in their name!

Those are a few thoughts on selecting a printer. Or you can do it like one person I know and choose who drives the coolest car and wines and dines the most. Not that I'm bitter. Anoybody have a TicTac?

Written by Buzz Tatom
He can be reached at buzz@odeecompany.com
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