Ad Specialties or Promotional Products, which is correct?

The imprinting of a logo or message on a product is what we are talking about. People in the business will use both terms.

Promotional Products is the most used term in today’s vernacular.
Ad Specialties was the original term that was used to describe this $17 billion industry. Some of the products imprinted are: Wearables, Pens, Calendars, Drinkware, Bags, Desk/Office Products and Magnets to name a few.

The industry name was changed to better reflect the business in 1993. At that time, the industry association name was changed to Promotional Products Association International(PPAI). People that have been in the industry for many years will be more apt to use the words Ad Specialty but they both mean the same thing.

Written by Kathy Tatom
The Odee Company - Ad Specialties Provider

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