Why is The Odee Company Going Green?

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We have written several articles and produced some videos that you may have seen on The Odee Company and green printing. Some that read this will have a healthy skepticism of whether we have done this for the right reasons.

My name is Buzz Tatom and I own The Odee Company and I'm going to attempt to tell you why we are making such a effort. First of all, I'm now the father of three children and I have a real concern for what the world will be like for future generations. The present generation(Baby Boomers) and the previous generation(The Great Generation) have done a pretty good job of laying our waste at the foot of future generations. They will either have to clean up our mess at great cost to themselves or continue on until at some point there will be collapse of society as we know it. Disclaimer: These are my opinions.

Our government(USA) and politicians do not have the courage to correct this either from a budget standpoint or a environmental standpoint. This is however true of most governments and politicians in the world. They are looking out for themselves and their fiefdoms instead of doing what is right.
Again, my opinions.

Having our children has changed me the most. Now, I care for their future and their childrens future. This has led us to change how we are running our business. We are in the printing business located in Dallas, Tx and are carbon neutral through cutting energy use and the purchase of carbon credits. We are also becoming certified Chain of Custody certified printers for certified friendly forest paper suppliers.

The second thing that changed me was that we own a ranch north of Dallas that we and the kids retreat to when we can. It is a pretty place with draws, trees and three lakes which we actually built. We do not own the mineral rights to this property and so we have been invaded by the oil & gas people in search of the Barnett Shale. They are trying to destroy the property by drilling wells, knocking down trees and laying pipelines. We,of course, are fighting them. They don't have to develop the property the way they are but have no concern for trees and the beauty of the place.

Then on the other side we have been approached by a wind company that wants to put wind turbines up to capture the wind that blows in our area. They approached several in our area and the area decided as a whole to not put them up. I don't know the right or wrong of this but as a generation we are going to be faced with many tough decisions.

This is why I felt that The Odee Company needed to do its part. I don't know if we will make a difference but I thought for future generations sake I could not continue to waste what realistically is not mine to waste. Again, these are all my opinions.

Written by Buzz Tatom

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