Digital Printing can be Green!

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Digital printing was invented for smaller quantity runs at lower costs but does a pretty good job of being eco-friendly. One of the reasons for the substantial growth in digital printing was the need for people to print smaller quantities due to information changing on their printed literature. This reduction in obsolescence has reduced the amount of old literature not deemed useful anymore being thrown away. While this was not necessarily by design this has saved a massive amount of trees by doing more relevant Just-In-Time printing.

Our digital press that we use is the HP Indigo 3050 press. This digital press does not have the variables and compounds that are used in Offset Printing that can result in higher waste and waste disposal. The Indigo 3050 does generate some wastes but none of these are categorized as hazardous according to Federal Regulation 40 CFR 261. All waste ink and imaging oil is disposed of with a recycler. Our ink is liquid Electro Ink that has no Air Pollutants as listed under Section112 of the Federal Clean Air Act.

The only Volatile Organic Compound(VOC's) that is produced by the Indigo 3050 is from the Imaging Oil and the emission level is lower than levels associated with a typical offset printing press. HP has stated that emission levels from a very similar press emits approximately 0.23 lb per hour when operated within manufacturers normal tolerances.

The Odee Company also purchases carbon credits from the Carbon Fund so that it is a Carbon Neutral Printing Company.

If you have the need for a eco-friendly digital printer please contact us.

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company