Green Printing - Carbon Neutral Printer

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The printing industry is a heavy user of resources to produce printed products. There are a number of terms and definitions being thrown around about green printing. There is no set standards by a set organization that will define a printing company as being "Green". One of the standards being used for being environmentally friendly is being Carbon Neutral. Printing companies can become 100% Carbon Neutral. Our company based upon our partnership with the is a 100% Carbon neutral printing company. We have chosen to support the reforestation branch of the fund due to us being a commercial printing company but there are other projects that support Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Their "Your Carbon, Your Choice" campaign gives you the ability to split your credits between the project you deem most important.

Carbon Neutral describes the end products, and the manufacturing that have carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions reduced and offset through purchased credits that fund renewable energy sources with no emissions. By supporting the reforestation, we are actually helping turn CO2 back into oxygen.

We also have worked to reduce our greenhouse emissions by replacing lighting with high efficiency low watt usage lighting. This is being done as lighting needs to be replaced and we look forward to testing and using LED lighting as it becomes commercially viable.

Our utility provider that we use purchases a undefined % of wind power and as our renewal comes up we will push to increase, define and report the % amount provided by renewable energy sources.

We also are working on becoming FSC and SFI certified in paper and all our paper waste is recycled unless requested not to be by our customers due to sensitive or proprietary information. We also recycle all plates, ink and waste press solutions.

If you're interested in viewing a video on Green Printing-Carbon Neutral try here.

Written by Buzz Tatom