Non Profit Printing & Raising Money

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Non-profits, religious and charity organizations depend on donors for survival. Direct mail and printing in general have been a mainstay of these organizations fundraising plans. The challenge is to reach many different levels of givers based on their amounts. These organizations must be careful in the types of printing they do. If they send something out perceived to be to costly they can turn away the lower end of their givers but if someone donates a great deal of money and receives a mass mailing they can also be offended.

One solution to this has been digital printing where you can do short runs that are more tailored to a smaller segment. You can also print variable data to thank or target high end donors. By doing this, these non profit organizations can still do their mass mailings but then target their smaller circle of larger donors or prospects with a personal touch.

There are printing companies that help maximize and are very use to printing for non-profits. They may or may not donate work but most will give the deepest discounted price they can to help. You can also contact paper merchants to see if they have non profit discounts or programs.

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company, Dallas, Texas