Building bleed into a bitmap program

If you use a bitmap program like ("Adobe Photoshop") beware of subtle differences from the page layout programs. The bitmap programs do not work the same as page layout programs. When building the design take your Ad trim size in our example case 5x7 and add the bleed to the overall page size you are creating.

For instance 5+1/8+1/8=5.25: 7+1/8+1/8=7.25, this will be the page size you designate in the new page box that you start with. You just need to go into the document and set guides at 1/8th in; on all four sides, this will center your design and provide bleed for placement in a page layout program. It is not recommended to typeset in bitmap programs because the programs rasterize the type breaking it up into pixels and therefore not giving you sharp clean lines. The type can appear fuzzy in a bitmap program. Bitmap programs are made to manipulate and control images for your projects such as brochures, flyers and other printed material. They are not made as a page layout program even though they have some of those tools in the software. Use the bitmap on images but then import that image into a page layout program or vector art program.

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Written by Odee Prepress
The Odee Company