How Many Colors do I need?

When you are printing a project consider who will be looking at it, what your budget and the number you will need to send out. The answers to these questions will help you define the design and how many colors you can use in designing your print job. Black ink only is going to be the least expensive option but also has the least appeal and statistically provides the smallest return(ROI) on your expenditure. Adding colors to your full color brochure or whatever printed project use to be more costly. Now with the introduction of computer to plate and digital printing this is not necessarily the case. It is very easy to print small quantities of full color printing now at reasonable costs. This is due to the reduction of steps in the process these days. It is always our choice to print full color brochures for instance over black and white. The image you will present will convert to more sales for your company and give you better ROI. You can now print full color brochures in quantities of 50-100 for as little as $100 in some cases less. As your business builds you can increase quantities and reduce your per piece cost considerably.

It is also important to consider what you are printing. Do you have pictures and graphics that you want to highlight? Is it primarily text? Are you trying to draw attention to certain statistics or charts? Text is usually printed in darker colors to make it easy to read. Pictures and key information or anything you are trying to bring attention to is good to use color on. Sometimes you can get away with spot colors to highlight but many pictures need to be done in full color(CMYK) process colors to reproduce in a quality manner. We all live in a full color world and are getting more and more use to seeing everything in color. The costs of printing in color have dropped dramatically and many times will be the difference in your piece going in the trash or having a long enough life to make your company some money.

Written by Buzz Tatom