Pros and Cons of Digital Postcard Printing

Here is the good and bad about printing your Postcards digitally. First, we will define digital postcard printing as using a digital press to print your postcards versus an offset press.

The good about doing postcards digitally is you can do very small quantities and you are not dealing with setups like you do on offset printing. That is also why if your quantities reach into the thousands it is not cost effective to print your postcards digitally. The larger quantities are still best done on an offset press.

Another reason for the rise in digital printing is the speed with which you can get a job printed. A 24 hour turnaround for digital printing is not uncommon.

Quality of printed product with digital printing postcards is still better with offset printing but the gap has been closed so that most times it is hard to tell what has been printed digitally and what has been printed on a true offset press. The ink is not as stable or rub resistant in digital printing and can be rubbed off some easier than on offset printing. While this is a fact, most times if you are doing a postcard that is going through the mail there will be rubs whether it is printed digital or offset.

One other advantage of doing digital postcard printing is that you can actually address and sort the postcards to save on mailing costs at the same time you are printing the actual job.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company, Dallas, Texas