Indigo Digital Press Inks

The HP Indigo is a brand of digital press that uses a unique liquid ink called ElectroInk. The ink like other toner based machines use an electrical charge to control the location of the print particles. The advantage to this liquid ink over the toner based machines is the particle size is much smaller with ElectroInk. At 1-2 microns this gives sharp images, better solids and uniform gloss or layering of the ink. It doesn't look like a color copy it looks more like a lithographic offset printed sheet. The ink comes in a concentrated tube of paste and is loaded in to the ink tanks and mixed with oil to become a fluid mixture. The HP Indigo being a true digital machine can do variable data where images and text can vary from sheet to sheet. The HP Indigo is also the only digital press that will run true spot colors for branding and PMS matching. The press can also run hi-fi color which adds orange and violet to give more intense colors and a larger range of matching PMS colors. The HP Indigo comes in up to a 7-color digital press configuration.

Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company