Printing Digital Business Cards

There are numerous digital online printing services for business cards.
I have some real thoughts on how best to do business cards digitally to insure success. First of all, I would not recommend printing business cards digitally on a gloss cover. All of us tend to abuse business cards more than other printed products. We sit on them, throw them in our purse and other chances for them to rub up against each other.

Digital printing inks are not always good at standing up to the rubbing abrasion and so they can scratch. You can limit this some by putting a coating over them but this is an added cost and will meet with varying success. Matte cover will not scratch as badly as the gloss cover so it will do better if you want a coated stock. It still will scratch under heavy use.

The best stock in my opinion to digitally print business cards on is a uncoated stock. I really like printing on 100# uncoated cover. This is a step thicker from 80# uncoated cover and will stand up to abuse very well. Historically, most business cards have been printed on uncoated stock so if you want to look established you are better off on uncoated anyway. Only since digital printing has grown in popularity has printing business cards on coated covers become more accepted. Some people don't want to print on uncoated because they lose ink density on uncoated. In digital printing, while you will lose some density of ink it is not as bad as printing on offset. This is due to very little ink absorption due to the digital printing process.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company