About Dallas Commercial Printing Companies

Another large Dallas printing company has declared bankruptcy. This always has me wondering what happens to the customers. If a printing company doesn't make it and is liquidated are you aware that all the files are gone. All finished product in the possession will be scrutinized. If it is your product you will have to prove it. Even then it will take you months if ever to get your hands on it.

All those wonderful print e-procurement systems that you have spent $$$ developing can be turned off. Your organization can no longer order off the print collateral system the printer set up for you. Dallas is a large print market. One of the largest in the country. Dallas Commercial printers are just as susceptible to bad times even with that large market.

The Dallas Digital Printing Companies don't escape either. Bottom line if a business is not run effectively, it will not stay in business. So how do you protect yourself? How long has the printing business been in business? Does it own it's own property and equipment? A company that is renting it's building, leasing it's equipment and has been in business for less than 3 years you might want to consider your risks.

How long has present management been running a Dallas printing company? I don't think you should be shy in asking some of these questions if you are going to warehouse finished product or if you are using their Print e-Procurement system. I would certainly respect that someone is asking me those kinds of questions because realistically under certain circumstances in the commercial printing business it is a partnership.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company