Political Campaign Printing

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Political campaigns use several different types of printing to get their candidates messages across. Many times they use them to drive traffic to a web site to see the candidates positions. A successful political campaign is one that drives the candidates name in to the mind of the voter. Name recognition is the key to being elected. Many times the voter will not even know a candidates positions but will vote for him/her due to recognizing their name on the ballot. It needs to be a multi pronged attack of direct mail, door hangers, yard signs, bumper stickers, campaign buttons, and shirts and hats. One of the newest and most successful political campaign printing being used is variable data printing where the candidate can personalize the mail for each recipient. The response is documented to go up as much as 500% due to this one to one marketing. Politics is a very personal business and if you can make a voter feel you are talking directly to him/her you have a much better chance of winning their vote. The variable data printing by no means replaces the doorhangers or direct mail but enhances the ability of the campaign to land fringe voters. It also will become increasingly more important to use an eco-friendly printing company. You can use recycled paper and find a printer that buys carbon credits to offset the production so your printed product can be carbon neutral.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company, Dallas, Texas