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Need a promotional item that is multifunctional and cost effective? Try totes or bags. According to Christopher Duffy, vice president of marketing at Union-Illinois based bag makers, bags and totes make ideal promotional items because they are suitable for all types of events and reach large demographics. “They are mobile and offer large imprint areas that can easily spread customer’s messages,” he said.

Laura Gaulke , independent marketing and creative consultant agreed. “One carefully selected bag can cross the boundaries of age, gender, and personal style, and it is generally appreciated as a highly useful gift” she said. “Tote bags are carried everywhere, so advertisers messages are frequently seen.”

Tote bags come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. Looking for a bag other than a tote? Try laptop briefcases, duffel bags, messenger bags or backpacks. Manufacturers pay attention to popular trends when designing totes to ensure your promotional items are not only functional but in style. Think of it as advertising your company on a useful, stylish, mobile billboard. Let the Odee Company help you choose the bag or tote that best suits your company’s needs. Contact us today.

Written by :Whitney Patterson
The Odee Company
Posted by: Buzz
Think promotional products are boring, useless, and old fashioned? The Odee Company can help you find creative and exciting products that fit your Corporation’s needs.
Any of these New high tech promotional products with your company name on it will be sure to grab potential and existing customer’s attention.

Some fun products include: USB jump drives, USB pens ( a pen with a compact USB drive located inside), MP3 players ,portable MP3 speakers, or an Icon Vase Speaker, a two way surround sound speaker that uses innovative audio lens technology.

Promotional products that are useful in the corporate world include: a presentation laser pointer, this product is not only a laser pointer but it can remotely control your power point presentation, Voice over internet protocol (VoIP ) speaker phone , which allows you to make low cost international calls over the internet.

Let the Odee Company put your promotional products on the cutting edge, contact us today!

Written by: Whitney Patterson
The Odee Company
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