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Posted by: Buzz
Promotional Products: Quality vs Quantity

Promotional Products are effective tools to promote your business. Whether you have a grand opening, prospecting for new clients or thanking existing clients there are factors that you should consider before picking an item. How many are you going to need to handout?

Are you going to be at a trade show and are handing out thousands of items indiscriminately to attract traffic or is your business the type that you land fewer deals but they are larger accounts and you have a finite number of prospects that you really want to impress people with. How are people going to use the products?

One of the most effective promotional items are items that will be used every day or many times and will be a constant reminder of your logo. Promotional Products can be a few cents a piece or you can spend hundreds of dollars on individual items. Fit the product to the market and to your business.

Are you a cutting edge technology company? Then use a promotional product that represents that cutting edge. What business are your customers in? What do they do all day? If you think about you will see similarities that can help you decide on the right promotional item. There are search databases that can help you on product searches based on themes, budgets, materials and many other key attributes.

Go to . There you can enter search parameters and see what you come up with. Define your customer and that will help you with deciding on what promotional product will give you the best return for your money.

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Posted by: Buzz
Ad Specialties or Promotional Products, which is correct?

The imprinting of a logo or message on a product is what we are talking about. People in the business will use both terms.

Promotional Products is the most used term in today’s vernacular.
Ad Specialties was the original term that was used to describe this $17 billion industry. Some of the products imprinted are: Wearables, Pens, Calendars, Drinkware, Bags, Desk/Office Products and Magnets to name a few.

The industry name was changed to better reflect the business in 1993. At that time, the industry association name was changed to Promotional Products Association International(PPAI). People that have been in the industry for many years will be more apt to use the words Ad Specialty but they both mean the same thing.

Written by Kathy Tatom
The Odee Company - Ad Specialties Provider

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