Alterations in Printing

Printing a brochure, postcard or other printed product is an expensive project. There is no reason to make it more costly than it has to be. An alteration in a print job is where there is a customer change that is a billable item beyond what was originally quoted. These can be avoided by dealing with a knowledgeable printer and giving them all the information they need when providing you a quote for theprint project.

When you provide the artwork try and provide them a laser and folded dummy. Make sure you have proofread very well and are confident everything is the way you want it. The printer is going to show you a proof and if you find something that is incorrect you will mark the proof and send back to the printer. If it is an oversight on your part and it is pretty simple the printer will probably not charge you.

Let's say you need to take a comma out. The printer will have to rerip but unless it is a real time consumer most times you are not looking at additional charges. If you want to change photos, do color corrections or other more time consuming things you will be charged an alteration and need to see another proof. If you get on press before seeing an issue it will be even more expensive. Just remember that proof your being shown is for your and the printers protection and should be looked at very carefully so additional costs are not incurred.

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Written by Buzz Tatom
The Odee Company